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It’s never just transport. With us it’s personal. So make sure you, your family and your business contacts don’t miss out.

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Charters for business, leisure and cargo.

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Scenic tours to stretch your mind with new experiences.



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Safety is one area where we’ll always make sure nothing is missing. We conform to every aviation safety standard and exceed most of them.

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The Little Things

Fly with Aerocruise and you choose what is, and what isn’t, acceptable onboard. If you’re flying out for a business meeting then you can probably do without kids playing the latest games or using your seat for kicking practice. You’ll want an environment that is conducive to working.

If, on the other hand, you want to take your family somewhere special, you’ll be delighted to have a less tidy plane to enjoy.

No More

Start And Stop

When you fly with Aerocruise we allow you to arrive almost at take-off time. You are fast-tracked through security and passport control. We’ll organise onward flight connections. We’ll do whatever we can to let you spend more time doing the fun bits of flying.

Cessna 208 Under Carriage
Cessna 208 on Scenic Tour

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Air Charter Frequently Asked Questions

Booking an aircraft is really simple, you call the Aerocruise numbers +254 (0)20 600 9985 or +254 (0)733 411 762 or  +254 (0)737 699 897 (available 24 hours per day) and tell us where you want to go and when. Website visitors also have the option to email enquiries on the Contact Us page or just click on the Flight Enquiry button to get started.

To aid you in your decision we will email you, pictures of the aircraft offered with the seating configuration charts, and anything else that will make your decision easier i.e. the year of manufacture, last interior refurbishment, in-flight services etc.

When you confirm the flight you will be sent by email confirmation document which will give full details of the aircraft, the crew and contact numbers. It will also advise you of where to report to on arrival at your departure airfield and include payment details.

Should your itinerary change and you wish to depart earlier or later than your scheduled times or add/subtract passengers, then one call to Aerocruise will take care of it.

Only the quoted price. Aviation industry standard commission and pricing ensure that Aerocruise has no axe to grind in the selection of your aircraft, change of itenerary or any unforseen eventuality. Our revenue comes from you when you pay.

When you book your aircraft you will be asked for any specific catering and in-flight requirements that you may have. You will then be provided with a menu from which to make your selection from and if there is nothing suitable or you have a specific menu in mind then you simply tell us what you would like and we will endeavour to provide this to you.

The confirmation, which you will receive when you book the aircraft, will have all of your joining instructions detailed. Of course each airfield is different – but the general rule is that you arrive at the airport up to 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. You will have been given full details of where to report to including maps, telephone numbers etc. Remember Aerocruise can organise the car or helicopter, which takes you to your aircraft!

When you arrive at your destination the aircraft will be met by a handling agent who will guide you and your luggage as to what to do next. Remember Aerocruise can organise the car or helicopter, which takes you to your accommodation or conference venue!

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